Welcome to Bob Boyajian's Calligraphic Calendars.
Bob is a well-known calligrapher who worked for 40 years in New York City. He began creating hand done, one-off calendars using pens, brushes, paper, pressed flowers and any other material that caught his interest at the time.
This site was created so that calligraphers worldwide could share the work that was mostly limited to New Yorkers or visitors to NY. Visitors to Bob's apartment in NYC were treated to his new creations every month. His friends were often given a calendar page where he would highlight their birthday and give it to them. Bob now lives and works in Newport, Rhode Island.

This site was put together as a small sampling of Bob's work, so that others may enjoy the art of hand-made letterforms inventively applied to the theme of the calendar by a seasoned and consummate calligrapher. ENTER

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